Jannis Kounellis, Senza titolo

The artwork and poetics materialized on the body of history: three great marble plates laid on wood, lead and burlap sacks. The nature-culture that the artist re-assembles in one act, the minimum gesture sufficient for great masters to arrive straight at the heart of man. Three silent epigraphs that conceal the non-conformity of time, they raise reflection before a silent history, boulders of memory impossible to remove, monuments to human dignity. 

“But, we ask, is this all that shall be said of us? Shall the monuments which we build up in this vast arena, and with all our elements of power, be nothing but magnificent fabrics- evidences only of our wealth and our physical strenght? Shall we cleave archways through the solid granite, and link distant regions with bands of iron, and rear splendid dwellings, and build forges and wharves and bridges and mills- shall we do all this, and yet add nothing to the treasury of mind?”, Southern Literary Messenger, Vol. Vi.4, p. 25. 

L’opera e la poetica materializzate sul corpo della storia: tre grandi lastre di marmo distese su legno, piombo, sacchi di iuta. La natura-cultura che l’artista ri-assembla in un atto unico, il gesto minimo sufficiente ai grandi maestri per arrivare dritti al cuore dell’uomo. Tre epigrafi silenziose che celano l’anticonformismo del tempo, suscitano raccoglimento dinanzi alla storia taciuta, macigni della memoria impossibili da rimuovere, monumenti alla dignità umana.